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These pages index comic stories published in Finnish "The Phantom" (=Mustanaamio) publications. Information can also be found for non-Phantom publications in which The Phantom stories have appeared.

Currently 1443 different publications are found on these pages. Content information and a cover scan is missing for one of them: Fantom (1961)

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Latest updates:

The phantom album "Pahuuden vihollinen" added to the indexes.

Own section added in indexes for Italian Phantom stories (Fratelli Spada). Missing information also added for these stories.
The Phantom stories produced by Team Fantomen in 2022 added to the indexes.

"Others" category added to the indexes.

The Phantom stories produced by Team Fantomen by the end of 2021 added to the indexes (these unpublished stories are presented with yellow color).

Mustanaamio facsimile books published in 2011-2017 added. At the same time added details and some corrections to the Phantom stories published in Mustanaamio magazine during 1966-1974.

Mustanaamio Pulp-pocketbook (2012) and Mustanaamio albums published in 2016-2021 added.

Mustanaamio specials published in 2011-2013 added.

Few corrections to the content of the following issues: Mustanaamio 23-24/1986 and 16/2010, Nastasarjat 12/1964.

New address for the index.

Mustanaamio magazine issues 3/2010 - 25-26/2010 added.

Author: Juha Tynninen
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